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Edmonton Beneath Our Feet

CDN $12.95

This guide to the geology and earth resources of the Edmonton region was published by the EGS in 1993, but continues to be in strong demand. With close to 10000 copies sold, the success of this book can be largely attributed to its attractive full-colour layout and its content that is understandable to the layperson. An extensive glossary at the back of the book gives useful references to the various geological terms used. This pocket-sized book contains easily accessible walking routes which makes it an excellent guide for tourists and Edmontonians.

Sold through various bookstores in Edmonton

John Allen: The Founding of Alberta's Energy Industries

By: Willem Langenberg and Dave Cruden

CDN $20.00

This book is a must for everyone interested in the history of the discovery and development of Alberta's geological resources and the roots of Alberta's vibrant geoscience community.

Report on the Great Landslide at Frank, Alta., 1903

CDN $9.95

On April 30th, 1930, a day after the Frank Slide, the Superintendent of Mines in the Canadian Department of the Interior instructed two senior staff of the Geological Survey of Canada (R.G. McConnell and R.W. Brock) to investigate the catastrophe. Their report was published in 1904 and has been out-of-print for a long time. EGS decided to reprint this report on the occasion of the centennial of the Frank Slide of 2003.

McConnel and Brock's conclusion was that the slide was due to a combination of causes the chief of which, the structure and condition of the mountain, was aided by exceptional atmospheric and other natural conditions. The condition of the strata before the slide was affected by the slight readjustments attendant on mining operations. The careful contemporary account of the landslide's impact on Frank is still one of the very few available for risk assessment studies. The book is a must for anybody interested in landslides.

Pebbles: A field guide to the identification of pebbles in the Edmonton Area

CDN $7.50

This easy-to-use, accordion-folded, weather-resistant field guide is illustrated with full-colour, high-quality images and brief descriptions of locally found pebbles characteristic of the Edmonton area and Alberta Plains region. The short text provides general information on rock-forming processes and the classification of rocks and tells the story of how pebbles are shaped through weathering, erosion, and transport. Aimed at amateur geo-enthusiasts of all ages, this 11 panel , pocket-sized (9"x4.5") field guide is and ideal companion for anyone wanting to explore the river valley and ravines and find out more about pebbles. It also can serve as a useful resource for educators teaching earth science curriculum units in school.

Available at Audrey's Books, Earth's General Store, The Science Shop, and Ghossein Rocks and Fossils

Geoscape Edmonton

Print: CDN $10.00

PDF: Free - Available from the Alberta Geological Survey

Discounts available on bulk orders. Teachers can enquire about educational discounts

Geoscape Edmonton is an illustrated poster of interesting geological facts, features, and history in and around Edmonton. The poster contains colour illustrations, photographs, and descriptions of the formation, historical resources, hazards and geology of the North Saskatchewan River valley and the Edmonton region. This high quality 98cm x 68cm poster makes an inexpensive gift and an attractive educational resources for students or anyone interested in our natural world.

The Valley Beneath Our Feet: An earth science walk across Edmonton's river

CDN $6.95

This supplement to "Edmonton Beneath Our Feet" describes earth science that you can see in the North Saskatchewan River Valley between the University of Alberta and Rossdale. You'll walk through old Fort Edmonton, the Legislature Grounds, and the sites of the 1915 flood and Strathcona Mine fire, from the views of an engineer, a geologist, and a geomorphologist.