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The Edmonton Geological Society (EGS) was founded in 1953 by a group of Edmonton geologists providing a local forum for the pursuit of common interests. Membership in the early years was dominantly representative of the petroleum industry. However, after the centralization of the industry in the early 1970, fifteen of Edmonton's petroleum geologists were relocated to Calgary leading to a change in Society affiliation in 1974 from the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists to the Geological Association of Canada (GAC). The membership now embraces earth scientists with a broad range of interests, engaged in government, institutional, and various industry activities. EGS is an association of earth scientists who are drawn together to pursue common interests, both on the local scale and nationally.

EGS aims to promote the science of geology to:

  1. To promote the science of geology
  2. To foster the spirit of scientific research
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  3. To encourage cooperation among its members and other earth scientists
  4. To disseminate knowledge of the science through meetings, field trips, and publications

EGS supports P.S. Warren and ATLAS, the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences undergraduate and graduate student groups respectively at the University of Alberta. We hold an annual general meeting where a earth sciences talk and dinner is given and we bring our members together for an evening. The EGS has hosted field trips across Alberta, gold panning, museum and walking tours, and various pubs talks.