Stones and Bones at Fort Edmonton Park

Join us at Fort Edmonton Park as we partner with the Archeological Society of Alberta to present ‘Stones and Bones!’ Come down and learn about archaeology and anthropology during your visit.
Saturday, August 13th and Sunday, August 14th, 10am – 5pm
Stones and Bones – Have a strange stone? Or a funny bone? Bring it down to the front entry plaza of Fort Edmonton Park and Experts from the Royal Alberta Museum, Archaeological Society of Alberta – Edmonton Center, and Edmonton Geological Society will be on hand to identify any objects that you think might be archaeological, paleontological, or geological. This opportunity is free of charge to any who come to the plaza!
Sample Dig – Using a small plot of sand, members of the Archeology Society of Alberta will allow guests to recover artifacts and demonstrate how artifacts are cataloged and identified.
Ask an Expert – Want to learn more about Metis anthropology? Come to 1885 street and speak with an expert on the Metis people, who will answer all your questions about this diverse and interesting culture!
Flintknapping – How do you even make an arrowhead out of stone? Or a knife for that matter? Flintknapping demonstrations will showcase this unique and skillful art.
Archaeology Talk – A presentation about archaeology in the province (brief history of AB). How cultural resource management (CRM) works today, as that is the major form of archaeology. It will focus on the boreal forest method There will also be time to ask questions about archaeology in general.
If you are an EGS member and would like to volunteer for this event please fill out the following form.
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